Sounds of Shakespeare, Kambri at ANU Show, 10 Nov 2019

Led by Peter Quince and posing as a group of performers practising in the ANU amphitheatre, our troupe performed to an appreciative audience on 10 November 2019 thanks to Kambri @ ANU.

Led by a seasonal theatre professional Chris Stollery the cast of Laine Hart, Christopher Samuel Carroll, Lexi Sekuless, Bojana Kos and Damon Bogicevic provided a wonderful afternoon of entertainment.

The players enacted a medley of Shakespeare monologues and duologues, both comedic and tragic. the team covered Richard III, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Hamlet, MacBeth, Richard III, Romeo and Juliet and Henry IV.

After the demise of Teatro Vivaldi and the ANU Arts Centre, there was a feeling of something lost from the Canberra Theatre scene. The new developments on the ANU campus provide an opportunity for us to fill the void with a new Creative Arts Centre and an outdoor amphitheatre space which will be great for smaller acts and theatrical performances.

This was a great new venture of Lakespeare & Co. and we expect to do more boutique shows including Midsummer Night’s Dream in February 2020.

Thanks to Kambri at ANU for supporting such a great opportunity.

Paul Leverenz

Paul Leverenz


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