Free Shows: How do we do it?

The question we get asked the most: “How can you do free shows?”. It’s not easy.

In the first year we ran a crowd-funding campaign which was very successful. We have been blessed to receive a number of grants and to have had some corporate sponsors in the first three years. Every year we just get by. Usually because our audiences are very generous and donate at the end of shows.

We need to raise approximately $30K to put on four no-frills free shows. Our income originates from four sources:

  • Grants
  • Corporate sector sponsorship
  • Sales from ticketed events
  • Donations

Unfortunately none of this money is recurrent, which means we have to re-apply for it each year.

With 2022 in mind, we are down $20K in sponsorships and grants at a similar time in previous years. We are doing two things in 2021/2 to mitigate against this. When the season is announced, you will see an expanded number of ticketed events. These will help to generate revenue. In addition, we will  run some fundraising activities and continue to ask for donations. Regarding the latter, there is a tricky balance to strike. We seek donations from anyone who wants to support what we are doing. At the same time the shows will always be free and we particluarly want people who are affected by COIVD to enjoy a free outdoor theatre experience.

Our special fundraising campain “One more free show” will provide cashflow and secure an additional free performance. We would love to reach our target of $7000 by Christmas. (This is the cost of one large park free show).

When we launch the season there will be a couple of free shows listed, one of which will be provisional. This will go ahead if we meet our fundraising target. If we are able to secure some grant monies, we will do everything we can to increase the number of free shows (as is the normal practice for us).

If you happen to have a thriving business in these times and want to get your name out there, please contact us.

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September 2021

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