About Rockspeare

About Rockspeare


Rockspeare Richard III is a tight 90-minute version of William Shakespeare’s Richard III to live and streamed audiences around Canberra from the Live In Ya Lounge studio at EPIC. With a cast of experienced and skilled Shakespearean actors, this electric and rhythmic version of Richard III incorporates an original music score and is bound to delight and be understood by audience members of all ages.

After the 30 year long Wars of the Roses, rival Houses York and Lancaster seem to be at peace. However factional players are never at peace and the King’s youngest brother Richard, Duke of Gloucester, covets the throne. Rockspeare brings the power hungry worlds of history, politics and fame together in a universe where factious rivalry is the currency of the day.

Parents are advised to make their own decisions about the appropriate viewing age. The history plays involve wars and murder.

For those live streaming at home, the show will provide a complete experience of a virtual concert, using full production multi-camera live streaming, professional audio and lighting, delivering the next best thing to attending in person. A live audience of 50 people can experience each show first hand, in a COVID safe, fully compliant and socially-distant environment.

Each evening will feature an introduction to the performance with a Lakespeare host, interviews during intermission and a Q&A with the cast after the show.

As part of the Where You Are Festival, the cast will stream two events ahead of the full performances: a live reading of the play by the cast on Sunday 12 July; and a character deep dive by Lakespeare Creative Co-director and cast member, Dr Duncan Driver on Wednesday 22 July.

Rockspeare is directed by Lexi Sekuless, original compositions by Jay Cameron, costume design by Fiona Victoria Hopkins and choreography by Tim Sekuless and Annette Sharpe.

Rockspeare: Richard III Schedule (7/8 Aug)
6:30pm Doors open**COVID Safe sign in protocol**

7:30pm Act I

8:20pm Interval

8:45pm Act II

9:30pm Post-show Q&A with cast

10:00pm End

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