2020 Rockspeare: Richard III


Lakespeare & Co, in collaboration with Event Audio Visual Services (EAVS) Pty Ltd and presented by the
Where You Are Festival with the support of the ACT Government, are bringing their unique 90-minute version of William Shakespeare’s Richard III to live and streamed audiences this August.


After the 30-year-long Wars of the Roses, rival Houses York and Lancaster seem to be at peace. However factional players are never at peace and the King’s youngest brother Richard, Duke of Gloucester, covets the throne. Rockspeare brings the power hungry worlds of history, politics and fame together in a universe where factious rivalry is the currency of the day.


Rockspeare is directed by Lexi Sekuless, original compositions by Jay Cameron, costume design by Fiona Victoria Hopkins and choreography by Tim Sekuless and Annette Sharpe.

Costume Design

For those in constant admiration of the work of Fiona Victoria Hopkins, we thought we’d share some of the costume sketches, giving you an insight into the creative process.




Dates & Times – Full Program Summary

  • Jul 12: 3:30pm Rockspeare Richard III: Live Stream Cast Read – FREE event
  • Jul 22: 7:30pm Rockspeare Richard III: Character Deep Dive – FREE event. Download R3 Education Pack.
  • Aug 7: 7:30pm Live (*) and Streamed Show
  • Aug 8: 7:30pm Live (*) and Streamed Show
  • Sep 8: 7:30pm Replay

(*) The live audience participation is only possible while ACT Health COVID-19 restrictions are at current levels. 


For location details and ticket sales visit Eventbrite

Character Analysis from July 22 (jump to 10 min mark):

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