Rockspeare Streaming


Watch a live-stream performance at home!

You can watch the stream on any computer or device with a browser and this is the easiest viewing option. You may also watch on a Smart TV  and its OK for a group to watch Rockspeare together on one streaming ticket. (Of course, make sure that you socially distance and adhere the rules in your jurisdiction with respect to meetings in households).

The live-show streams will be password protected. You will be sent the links and password 48 hrs from the event. After the event you will have 18 hrs where you can watch it again before it is removed.

That streaming quality will depend on your internet connection or phone provider. Suggestions for watching the stream are listed below. No technical support beyond these instructions will be provided to viewers. We recommend that you trial the test video below beforehand.

The live stream will commence at 7:20pm with a countdown screen ahead of the 7:30 start.

Basic viewing option

Watch directly on an electronic device such as computer, tablet or phone via a browser. 

If you already use chromecasting (or screen casting or mirror casting) from your device to your Smart TV, there is a high likelihood you will get it to work on the Smart TV. You can test using the video below to ensure it all works (*).

Smart TV Screening

1. The simple option (and preferred) is to use your Smart TV’s browser. Go into your Smart TV’s browser and navigate to this page: www.lakespeare.com/stream . Newer Smart TVs should have no difficulty playing the test video below. To maximise the Vimeo player window click on the 4-arrow symbol highlighted in the screen shot below. If the test works, then you will be able to watch the live stream.

2. Another option is to plug your phone directly into your Smart TV. You will need to do your own research on your phone’s capacity to do this. And you will need to acquire the right the cable, too. 

3. If you have not previously cast from a device to your Smart TV we recommend testing first and procuring the help of a tech savvy relative or friend. What’s involved in Chromecasting? You need to purchase a small electronic device for $50-100 and plug it into your Smart TV. They are available from most electrical stores.

(*) It is not possible to provide tailored technical advice. There are thousands of possible combinations of phone models, Smart TV models, and there are multiple methods one can use to cast from a device to Smart TV. If you have chromecast set-up and working from your device to your Smart TV you should have no issues. If you watch the video below on the chrome browser on your computer, for example, you can cast from the chrome browser, watching it in full screen on your Smart TV. 

Sample Video below – It looks great on a big TV: 
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